Event Timing

MET owns a timing system that uses RFID tagging running on a SQL database. Timing is in real time. MET has successfully timed marathons, Cross Country and 24-hours MTB events. The following functionalities are available:

  • RFID tagging
  • Up to 5 laptops running at the same time
  • Interfacing to two external Video screens
  • Interface with screen for MC
  • Real time corrections
  • Printed provisional and final results
  • Up to date riders logs for stage events
  • Compatible with any entry system
  • Race statistics
  • Providing number boards
  • Standby power (5 kVA Generator)

MET can also deliver the full quota of registration services:

Preparing number boards with branding

  • Packing envelops
  • Managing entries
  • Managing payments

MET staff is highly experienced and well trained and fully understands the requirements of organizers, riders and Commissaries.


Number boards

MET can provide generic number boards or number boards marked with unique sponsors logos as well, made of plastic or cardboard, with or without a transponder. The size of the number board complies with UCI specifications.

MET has 1,250 reusable number boards with RFID tags ready that can be used at any MTB event.

Technical information

The timing system consists of four Pointing antennas operating at 865 MHz with a reach of 8 meters. Tag information is fed to a serial reader that can identify 2000 tags per minute and can identify tags at speeds up to 120km/h. The output of the serial reader is fed to the SQL database from where results are processed, displayed and reported via the timing software.

Whilst mountain biking events are timed with RFID tags on the number boards running events can be timed by using barcoding or special RFID tags. The serial reader is ICASA approved

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